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Latest From Exene (10/19/11)

maybe why unemployment is so high, higher than the tv says, is because we are being replaced with androids. like the guy who came to my house to put in the smart meter. he said so monotone. good afternoon ma'am, i'm here to install your new meter. the power will be off for 30 seconds. you don't need to do anything. etc.

but just so robotic. and watch these babes on the news. they are too perfect!!! and sometimes they glitch out, you seen that? what are they?

the guys too. and have you talked to someone at a corp like a bank, and they have no emotion? i was five days late on a credit card payment, the guy says your credit card payment is late it has not been received. i said when was it due? robot guy says date and it's 5 days ago! i said oh that's only 5 days late. why are you calling? he says is there a reason why you have not made your payment? i said, yeah, i forgot i guess. guy said, is that the reason? it slipped your mind?

i said yeah. it just slipped my mind, mr. guy-with-no-mind.

so i paid over the phone but he was one icy mfr.

anyway, i'm kidding, kinda, maybe it's just brainwashing.

oh ps turn off the tv. and i told you about the food storage. i hope you bought lots of peanut butter cause it's about to get really pricey.

conspiracies may sound crazy when taken individually but when you think of it as a puzzle there are places for every piece. and it makes a picture.

      that's the real picture
       no one wants to see
     instead they stare
       at reality tv.

save our ship







Will Also Screen the Rock-umentary X: The Unheard Music At Select U.S. Shows

(Los Angeles, CA – September 13, 2011) – The perennial L.A. punk-rockers, X, announce plans for their annual holiday run of shows this December. Billed as the "Xmas Rock n Roll Revival" the original four X band members will be joined by the gospel duo, Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss, and Rock N Roll rebels, The Black Tibetans, for the December 9 start of the tour in Phoenix AZ, winding up in San Francisco on New Year's Eve.

As previously announced, X will join Pearl Jam as special guests on their South American tour this November, visiting various parts of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico City for the first time. Just prior to the South American tour, X will take to the road in September for a series of dates across the U.S. on a special Los Angeles Tour. Starting off in Philadelphia at Riot Fest East on September 24th, the band will rock their way to New Orleans for VooDoo Fest on October 29th, before heading to South America.

This year X celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the legendary album, Los Angeles, one that not only defined their career, but an entire musical genre as well. The band will also be celebrating the 26th Anniversary of the rock-umentary, X: The Unheard Music. Throughout the September/October dates only, the film, recently included in the prestigious Sundance Film Institute Independent film archives, will run in its entirety on screen before the band hits the stage to perform, track by track, the Los Angeles album.

X band members continue to keep busy in the off-time. John Doe's new album Keeper, his first solo album since the 2007 acclaimed A Year in the Wilderness, was released August 30 on Yep Roc Records. Meanwhile, Exene released her latest solo album, The Excitement of Maybe, this past spring and has guested on a number of albums. Exene has also performed many solo shows, made live guest appearances and has been featured in art exhibits. While DJ continues to play with the Syncopators and his other band, The Stripminers (featuring Brett Anderson of the Donna's and Paul Stinson of The Radishes among others), Billy Zoom continues work at his custom amp shop and studio.

The L.A. punk scene in the late 70s saw its share of greatness, but few acts as talented as the now world-class, live, rock & roll band X. Their 2008 "13-31" Tour across the U.S. was really something special, celebrating the band's 31st anniversary. 2009 shaped up to be just as amazing for the veteran rockers, with appearances at SXSW and Coachella Festivals, along with their own "X – TRL" Tour, where fans were able to help select each night's set list. 2010 saw Ray Manzarek of Doors fame and producer of the band's first four records join them on stage in San Francisco for two very special performances of the Album Los Angeles.

The original line-up of X is John Doe, Exene, Billy Zoom, and D.J. Bonebrake.

Moonlight Graham has just released the Limited Edition X hoodie! Click here for more info

Latest From Exene (8/9/11)

hello everyone! we had such a powerful evening at moonlight on saturday. modern puppetry, me, sean and zander. a funny, well sometimes, hilarious event. but mostly beautiful music. thank you all for coming!

in other news, x will be touring south america, costa rica and mexico with pearl jam in november! pearl jam is making it financially possible for us to go. and i thank them in ways i can't express for their generosity and love. they are the best!!! plus, damn they are a great band. saw eddie play at the wiltern, his solo uke show. it was inspiring and beautiful!

i send you all positive thoughts and all the energy i can summon up for a great future! starting... now!

in all things, LOVE!


Latest From Exene (8/3/11)

he's the designated martyr
the friend who will go down first
from drugs or risk or gun.

she's the single mom
who never gets child support
from dad oh dear young dad.

she's a student at a sorority
wearing anorexia and tiny clothes
over tan shaved pedestrian skin.

he's got the biggest tv
so he can watch sports all day
without going out to play.

she's the woman trapped
studying the eligible men
with an eye for escape.

he's the guy up all night
watching barely legal girls
virtually displayed.

they have the essentials: entertainment, enemies, and education deprivation.

the scary part is the enemies. cause that what keeps changing. so you never know who's gonna be profiled next. it was ok when the people were content with organized religion and entertainment and fast food and shopping and sports and sex and a passably comfortable standard of living.

but then we have to get things all stirred up by tossing enemies at them and scaring them into a frenzy. except for the civil war the u.s.'s official enemy has always been a foreigner. even the mccarthy era was based on hatred of russia and and it's communism.

so who is next? well there's behavioral observers trying to figure that out right now.
so don't look angry or scared or anxious or weird. mostly that applies to airports.
where everyone always looks angry or scared or anxious or weird!

ignorance is not bliss. enlightenment is bliss.

in all things, love

the sands in the hourglass


Latest From Exene (8/2/11)

wow, isn't it amazing that congress had to go through so much to get the debt ceiling raised? all the other times, they just raised it, but this time..... so much more complex, important!
and the budget! wow. the president had to ask us, the consumers, to contact our representatives and senators and put pressure on them. i did that. i asked sens. boxer and feinstein, rep royce, and the pres, to please find a fair and sensible solution, that would benefit the whole country.
and they did! just in the nick of time! crisis averted.
the "job creators" can now start rebuilding the economy by hiring a lot more workers.
entitlement programs will be more efficient.
we are on the road to fiscal responsibility and economic recovery.
and to make sure we stay on course, there will be improvements made in how congress governs.
it's known as the "super congress". 6 democrats and 6 republicans, along with the president, will help streamline the lawmaking process.
we won't hear about filibusters, and endless squabbling, things will just get done.
the other senators and representatives can vote yes or no on the super congress laws.
so if 6 members vote yes on a new bill, and 6 vote no, the president can vote and end the tie, i think that's how it goes....
i have a few questions... who chooses the 12? and when does it go into law?
also, what is the rest of congress called now? the average congress, the ordinary congress, the old congress?
well, i'm sure it will all get sorted out.
i gotta say, they sure came up with that idea fast. nothing was getting done, all stalemate, no compromise, but somehow in the middle of all that, emerges this solution. it sounds so well-thought out, but it kinda came out of nowhere.
it just goes to show, when the politicians work together, they can solve our problems.
everything is fine now.

in all things, love

Latest From Exene (7/31/11)

this is a dream. this is only a dream. brought to you by the emergency dream broadcasting system.

i feel like when i'm driving i'm walking up and down the aisles of a supermarket. we are funneled down these straight line paths, assailed on both sides, behind us, in front of us, with corporate propaganda. and even when you grow to hate and reject all of it, it's still there, everywhere you turn. a hahaha from THEM. so look up. there is still a moon, some stars, the sun ("strange days have found us").

she dreamed that the financial crisis ended. all of the involved parties were smiling and shaking hands and congratulating themselves on a job well done! and just in the nick of time, too. and then they faded away, and the corporate monetary system was propped up and fed more power once again.
at the expense of everything else.

one of the things standing in the way of our freedom is the mainstream media. pick a news story about the govt or a corp. find all the newspapers and cnn, etc. they will mostly be identical, word for word. because the msm doesn't report news, or find newsworthy stories, they print press releases. i say, let's write them and express our concerns. let's ask them the questions they won't ask. they make good money, are in unions, receive health care and pensions. they are educated, and if they are attractive enough, are at the top of their profession. entrenched. while we are disenfranchised.

they are scared of losing what they have. after all, they watched it happen to us.

in all things, love

Latest From Exene (7/26/11)

i was thinking about all the sites around the world that are markers of the solstices. we thought they were silent witnesses to an unchanging history of the sky. why did so many people - maya, egyptian, irish, etc. leave us these markers? made of tons and tons of precisely cut rock, raised to great heights without wheels and machines. why did they want the people of the future to know where and when the sun comes up? they already knew. they didn't need massive, indestructible, pyramids.

i've been in the great pyramid of cheops in gaza, egypt. it's not and never was a tomb. it's part of a map of the heavens. the sphinx is many thousands of years older than most archeologists and egyptologists say. it has water damage on the body. it was buried in the sand a long time. but before that time, there was water around it. when i actually saw the sphinx, i could not believe how much more ancient it seemed to be, older than even the pyramids. a good book to read - "fingerprints of the gods", by graham hancock. anyway, i was thinking. those sites are not about where the the celestial bodies lined up then, or since. they are trying to tell us something else. they wanted us to know when they don't line up. there is a youtube video of inuit people talking about the sun. i am interested to see how the THEY can hide that information.

the sun either comes through the tiny window at newgrange in ireland (went there, old beyond the pyramids, round building, flat stones set without mortar, a hill of grass covering it) or it doesn't. no matter what nasa, or astronomers, or the media says, we will know. thank you ancients! sorry we have fucked up the world and learned little from you. but all your books, tablets, stones, statues, temples, pyramids, myths and knowledge got stolen from us by greedy humans. we have a few of the pieces. and we are trying to figure it out before it's too late. the THEY obviously know something we don't know concerning the future. the THEY are terrified of us. the THEY think we are gonna go crazy and violent, i wonder why? anyway. maybe that's it. cause the THEY can lie about what's happening but the THEY can't just go around destroying archeological sites.

i wish we knew more about the ancients. i wish we had access to their knowledge and strength.

but that information is kept from us.

for a reason.

in all things, love

Latest From Exene (7/23/11)

the myth of bin laden is dead.

the people in norway are dead.


i planned on making it to december 21, 2012.
timed it out. now i wonder, will any of us see that day?
and if we do, will we be freezing and hungry?
will we be locked inside our houses, afraid of each other, afraid to be seen?

i watched the new department of homeland security movie last night. it's short, much like a 50's propaganda film strip. in fact, it is a 50's propaganda film strip.

watch it.

the message delivered is: new enemy alert!
young white male is the new muslim.

and then today, a young whiter-than-white male
does, the unthinkable, the impossible.

blows up the building in oslo,
two hours later, shows up on an island
by boat or by van, depending on story,
the prime minister and the former pm,
involved, labour party event for young
people, 700 of them, he walks in wearing
a police uniform, etc, shoots endlessly,
murders 90+,
how the hell did he pull that off?

where were the police? two hours after the terrorist bombing, and he just
cruises over to the island, there's no security, cops, military?
no one protecting the pms?


after i watched the little film last night,
i knew we were being set up for a new enemy.
for the first time in our
nation's history,
the white male has joined the ranks.
we welcome you, we the homeless,
the prisoners, "illegals",
lgbts, the women, the children, the starving,
the blacks, the browns, the yellows,
the greens, the blues, you name it,
we're all down here at the bottom.

now it's your turn.

i have this to say.

can any of us just sit around
playin virtual reality
at this moment in history?

did we all watch others falling through the sidewalk,
disappearing forever while we
went on our way to the movies?

give a homeless person a five dollar bill and watch
what happens.
i did that in sf.
a man came up and said excuse me, do you have a smoke?
i said sure thing. gave him one, then he smiled
and held out his starbuck's paper cup, which was dirty and
empty. i gave him my change, but it was
only 29 cents or so, so i went in my'
other pocket,
i had two fives.
i gave him one.
he looked at me like i had
altered the universe.
he kissed my hand
and said thank you.
he asked me my name and i said
he said my godmother's name is christine!
i said, well that's from her.
he put his hand over my heart.
he patted my heart and said
you have a heart, you have a heart!

soon, that homeless man could be
your best friend.

you'll need him more than a stockbroker, lawyer,
or boss.

we are all in the same boat.
we are lucky we still have a boat.
it is an inflatable life raft
and we don't have any paddles.

it doesn't matter how
we ended up adrift
in the middle of the ocean.
it's not my fault, or his fault,
or their fault.

we just have to find land.

a place where hamburgers are not made of wood.
a land where maize is plentiful,
and monsanto corn cannot invade.
a world where no one cares
if your married or not.
a place where children learn
longhand, sewing, reading,
and most of all,
conflict resolution.
just a little island,
where no monsters will devour
our bodies
our souls.
where we can live
in freedom and peace.

when i was in san francisco,
i visited friends of mine
that are devoted to helping
people with mental illness,
addictions, homelessness and
illness; but all in the same body.
people with multiple
severe issues.

my friends call this work
radical acceptance.

that's what we must do.
i am not the enemy.
and neither are you.

it's important to fight for
our rights.
not gay
not women
not christian
not black
not white
not anything
except divine beings.

they can take away our civil rights.
they can take away our human rights.
they cannot take away
our divine rights.

in december 2012,
earth passes through
the galactic center.

a recent telescope image showed
a ribbon of gas or particles
or glowing space dust
at the galactic center.

the shape of this ribbon
is the eternity symbol.

if the global economy doesn't collapse
if the radiation and poison
don't kill us first
if the world calms down and
stops swallowing us whole
if the powerful don't
infect us with a bug or a chip
or bombard us with magnetic waves
that drive us mad or
if the aliens are more than tourists
coming here to witness our
demise and also not
in cahoots with THEY
we will see that sun.
or two.

those are mighty big ifs.

first things first.

exene (stands with a fist)

Latest From Exene (7/18/11)

just got home from san francisco. i play there a lot but i never have any free time so i went for a few days to see friends. also working on a project there.

at long beach airport, the tsa guy looked at my id and my ticket then glared at me and then looked at my id again then glared at me and said, "you changed your hair color". i couldn't believe it. first, the id photo is me w dark brown hair, i have medium brown hair now, same exact haircut!!! it's not like i was wearing a blond wig. and it wasn't a question, it was an accusation! YOU CHANGED YOUR HAIR COLOR. i said, yes i did. this is my natural hair color. i smiled the nicest smile, but he didn't smile back.

comin home, i had to go in the body irradiator. also i was asked to pronounce my first name, "christine", and i was able to pass that test. then, i was asked to pronounce my last name, "cervenka" which i could also do! i doubt the tsa guy could have pronounced my last name so how does he know if i answered right. hey they sure are spoiling for a fight. just doin the weirdest things and saying weird things, like they want people to react. if i was pretending to be me, i'd have practiced saying my fake name until i could really get it down. i used to get freaked out by fascist kinda border crossing stuff, but now i just laugh inside. it's so ridiculous, it can't be happenin, some of this stuff.

love sf, and the spirit there of community is only getting stronger. circle the wagons.... saw black rainbow play, and it was a show at a bowling alley. oh so much fun.

i wish i never had to think about or talk about sad bad stuff. but because of me bein me, and i cant help it, i'm older and i want to tell you things. not to scare you but you have to know. sometimes my friends say, hey, can we talk about something else? ok i say. sorry.

the They are racing faster and faster toward their golden finish line. we are racing too. toward a different finish line. our finish line is the start of a better world. i hope we can run fast enough. take off those stupid high heels and platforms! not you guys, just the ladies.


Latest From Exene (7/14/11)

northern california trees waterfall red-tailed hawks hiking love friends great visit. i'm somewhere beautiful!
a little piece of planet, a little peace of mind.
i'm gonna try and spend as much time as i can being around what's still here. the redwoods are almost all cut down, so if you haven't seen those, now's the time! people trying to save richardson grove.

tomorrow i'm headed to san francisco, i'm making a doc about a friend of mine. goin to the Tenderloin National Forest, one of the best places to see there! you please gotta see that, it's spectacular and moving. a community dream realized.

i have some events in august, so back to work sunday.

sending love power!!!


Latest From Exene (7/11/11)
greetings fellow earthlings, it's the 11th of july.

watched pres obama's speech and i sure found that compelling.

i thought it was pretty real. what he said, in effect was, the govt must agree on this budget by august 2nd. a short term fix isn't acceptable to him. when a reporter asked what the contingency plans were in case it doesn't happen by the 2nd, he said, it will. no contingency plan? what if the republicans, especially because the elections are coming up, refuse to agree to taxes for the wealthy and the corporations and the elite? those are the people that put said republicans in power! they can't tax them! it would be their political careers, their power, wealth, influence, why, even their families could lose their seats in the ark! i mean, home in the underground city..... or whatever fantastic things these politicians have been promised. i am sure they are being told not to dare raise those taxes. or even tax them at all!!!!!!!!!

anyway, what happens if this intractable situation does not resolve as the pres said it must?

now, when i say republicans, don't think i am a democrat! it just is, the right wing is able to support it's own kind, so they do.
the dems have their own wealthy, self-interested groups.
my experience in charities, benefits, fund-raising, political activism, and 55 years, is that more dems support the bottom of the pyramid people. it's getting harder to find, but once in a while we do get some help.

republicans on the other hand! it didn't take long for the unified agenda to pop up after the last elections. madison, minnesota, santorum, union-busting, this hard-line hatred for anyone beneath them. the arrogance is so out front, for all to see.

but what happens if they are so confident because they have all this money and power behind them that they can't lose this debate?

what happens on august 2nd?

we cannot default.

they, and i do mean THEY, manufactured this mess out of their love of money, the root of all evil.

and we hang in the balance.


right now they are debating our future. we are being told, daily, by the head of the imf, from economists, from the govt, that this is going to be an extremely hard solution to our problem. why don't the people who created the problem pay for the mess? did i create the problem? did you?

if they say, sorry, no deal. we are supposedly doomed?
if they yes, ok, we are supposedly screwed.

1. we are saved, republicans give in, and agree to tax the elites! (which wouldn't begin happening for two years)
A. brother can you spare a cashless card donation?
B. i need a roommate and i have tents if you need a place to stay.
C. we'll help each other and survive
2. we are not saved, no deal by aug 2nd.
A. no contingency plan?
B. govt shutdown of services?
C. economic collapse?
D. chaos?
E. every man for himself?
F. martial law?
G. doom.
make a song out of those chords.....

my fear, and it is a fear, is that for some reason, ie, incompetence, or it's the plan, and some politicians are insane, or the elites want us to be under marshall law, or there is no economy, and it's all an illusion, i don't know, my fear is the president will take control of the country and declare marshall law. i am saying that is my fear. i am not saying i think that is what is going to happen. it could happen. it is possible. it is not a crazy thought.

it would be temporary, of course. check that plan out world-wide and see if that temporary thing ever worked.

so probably, a deal will be made.

and life will be harder than it is now, which is damn hard.

and we'll have to help each other and still fight for our rights and what freedom we have left.

all this is what i think based on what i have heard, learned, etc. it isn't much to go on, i'll admit. and i do read between the lines.

and also, did you hear pres say, twice, after 2013, in the "out economy"?

something like that... what does that mean.....

we need to start talking to each other.

i mean, talking to the people you don't ever talk to or see.

we can't be isolated, or we will be against each other when the shtf.

know what i mean? now is the time to make friends with your brothers and sisters on the streets!

old, meet young. young, meet old.

i am an honory chicana!

you should be too!

i will make you an honorary pagan, on behalf of my european ancestors. they were chased out of their land, like most immigrants.

"fasten your seat belts it's going to be a bumpy ride.... "

c'mon people let's get civilized, they've kept us divided too long.

i'm going to have a guest poster on here in a few days.

someone with a whole nother perspective.

and also, i am trying to get this to be a dialogue, haven't got the tech skills nor would i want them but i gotta get the two-way radio up soon i hope, i want to hear you too.....

my country tis of thee sweet land of liberty of thee i sing land where my fathers died land of unending pride from every mountainside let freedom ring.... that has never been true. most of us have been persecuted and robbed of our freedom. let's stop doing that to each other and make those words come true. that's a better song than the one we would write using aforementioned doom chords.


Latest From Exene (7/10/11)
hi! greetings fellow earthlings, divine beings, all!

sang natl anthem at twentywonder benefit last night in l.a.
derby dolls hosted, l.a.ri-ettes vs s.d. wildfires. twentywonder benefits the downs syndrome assoc of los angeles. the bout great, the teams both exciting and inspiring! love the derby dolls, they donated their time and energy and always so cool. gourmet food trucks, singing, people playing dress-up, all kinds of interesting fun, lots of freedom and love expressed! and actual dollars raised!

this morning i was on a news site and they showed a little commercial before the news clip, of course. (clip was a the treasury sec talking about how grave the budget situation, etc...) but the commercial was for a defense industry corp. showed weapons bombers etc, and some soldiers talking, and the voice over said, "helping you protect those you serve". yes master, i obey... maybe we should do a "don't" in front of all the obeys! do u think shepard fairey would mind? living art and keeps it going, i know it's the same meaning, just a wake up call to people.... DON'T OBEY

king james I still king, 400 year anniversary of his bible.

royals in l.a., prince william and i don't know what she is, princess, duchess, lady, kate, is she a commoner, like us? not sure how it all goes. they gonna visit skid row! i'm sure the homeless will be impressed, it will probably turn their lives right around! they gonna visit a kid's art center. seein the sunny side of the situation....

sure, you laugh now!

what else can we do but laugh sometimes?

my favorite movie since i was a kid is the day the earth stood still, the first one, of course. i thought that was so scary i almost died. but i kept seeing it over the years and it became a dream instead of a nightmare! i mean not the part where the military acts out, but the idea that beings could shut down the grid, and that movie was so before the grid. and just stop us in our tracks, saying, "ok, NOW who's in charge? you want to destroy the planet, guess what? we coulda done that a million years ago."

and then maybe they say, "we really love this planet and so you bad people have to be good people now or we will give you time-outs."

maybe they see our ownership obsession and inability to share as a vey nascent stage, like you know, earthlings are in our terrible twos....

so they might have to get strict with us, or maybe they think this is all very funny. maybe so many sightings recently of similar craft, the white orbs, are indications of space entities comin here to get a first row seat at the event. how many planets get this bad this fast after a species evolves? maybe, virus like creatures took out mars? or something ate the vegetation on a planet and then the planet lost it's atmosphere and burned up? could that happen?

civilizations disappear, sometimes mysteriously (so we are told!).

and i avoid the maya 2012 for now. i've researched that for a long time. i want to stay focused on what's happening now and where that's headed. i don't know what's gonna happen in '12. but i've wondered for 30 years WHY, why, the people in power were in such a race to the end! like, there was a deadline. we have to amass and hoard all the resources on the planet, using the labor of the people, to attain something, by some date. what something? what date? radiation and toxicity and deforestation, etc, don't the royalty have to live with that? do the bushes and clintons and obamas eat gmo corn and wood fibers in their fast food, don't the superstars walk and breathe beneath chemtrails and lithium, aren't their children going to suffer from cancer and immune disorders and unhappiness and loss like ours will? why so purposefully, systematically, this behavior?

but here we are.

and there they are.

and there the mystery beings are.

in the sky, just like in all those myths and art and even, yes, still made it into the bible! angels or gods or sons or goddesses or aliens or demons or whatever you think...

i don't think every sighting is the govt/miltary. they have all the tax money, etc, and certainly all the brilliant men and women of science on their side, like in times past, and it's probable that they have some vehicles that can do what some ufos do. but no earthly technology that advanced is known to have existed at the time of ancient sightings. the intellectual interpretation of cosmic beings changes, but the images and experiences are ancient. we share that with our ancestors.

maybe the elites are scared because they know these beings are coming back? that's a universal concept. and they just want to live it up until the ship goes down. maybe they are building weapons systems and d.u.m.b.s to attack and hide from the beings? that's gonna work about as good as a special effects laser beam!?

i'm waiting to find out.

i grew up in the sci-fi age, i guess. twilight zone, flying saucers, space race, but this is something else!

regarding this time that we are living in, we all are a part of it's unfolding. that's a lot of power. and it hasn't happened yet! there is still time to direct the positive energies we all possess.

i think love might be the answer, if everyone enslaved to this system all sat down at the same time and just asked the universe to let love flow into us, between us, all around us, well, it's energy. love is energy. we are connected through energy! we are energy! man, if we only knew what we were capable of.

remember that fad, maybe 70"s? people wearing pyramids on their heads!? i thought that was hilarious! but i guess there is a desire to channel energy, sometimes it pops up in weird ways. the positive parts of us often get misdirected, i think. it's hard to channel love when you are watching some game all night about people being shredded and etc. those games, man. poison to an already dying body, i mean let's just go ahead, push our kids over the edge...

and anyone old enough to know better, wow, it's worse than anything out there i think. virtual reality? how bout new reality? you become an active participant in the violence and inhumanity, killing, slashing, winning, beating your friends on-line, the mind takes it in, it never leaves. you know how obstinate thoughts can be. i think it's de-sensitizing people, and it's directed at the young, primarily males. why would you want to encourage sociopathic tendencies in that particular group?

men have had to endure all this fighting and dying for the people in power. emigration, farming, working in stockyards and factories and mines, world war one what a tragic end to those young men, all wars and they never end! and suffering much physical hardship. they built much of our infrastructure, and they did an excellent job. that excellent infrastructure, like those hard-working men, is quickly becoming obsolete.
in return for their sacrifices, they were promised the big prize, control of women, children, and property, control of the bottom of the pyramid. now they've joined us there. welcome, middle class males living quiet, decent formerly corporate lives. welcome to the disenfranchised. don't worry, all is forgiven.

once, men in the u.s. had more control, they of course held slaves, and many or maybe most participated directly or by tacit approval in the genocide of many millions of first nation people. but not us, we weren't the ones. we abolished slavery, too. we are not responsible for what americans did then, many of us just got here! but we inherited everything american. the sexism, racism, wars, etc, you take that on. and if you perpetuate it, you are connected to it. if you are passive, it will be taken as approval. what we do in this country effects the future of the world. it is a supreme responsibility and one we should start taking seriously.

and the media? talk about a "role to play"? you have access to politicians and powerful entities, you have insiders, you hear gossip, you occasionally uncover a truth. you know more than you tell us. and you hide the truth. you censor yourselves out of fear. because you know that to expose corruption in order to save lives, puts you at risk. if you've made it up the journalism ladder, you are attractive, pleasantly or authoritatively well-voiced, and appealing to the public. you may or may not be, educated, wise, objective, honest, caring, crusading, muckraking, passive, selfish, etc. just like everyone else.

however, yours is a profession which should have particularly high standards. it is your job to find out the truth for the people. isn't the news actually supposed to be the truth? this is what happened, this is why, this is what's gonna happen now? so people are informed? or is the news just press releases? most of the time it is. read an article about a corp. and then go on the corp's web site and read their press releases. see how close the "news" report is to the press release.

so what am i doing? i am thinking as fast as i can and that's all i seem able to do, besides earthquake preparedness, or anarchy preparedness.....

thank you if you read this far, i hope you also say or write what you think out loud. we don't have to all think the same thing. no two realities alike, i got mine, you got yours.


Latest From Exene (7/5/11)

great show last night at joe's in burbank. blasters, sidewinders, and so many talented people, i didn't catch every name. thanks ronnie mack and the barndance for many years of service to humankind!!! keeping it alive.

on july 9th, i'm gonna sing the national anthem at the derby dolls. it's a benefit. please go to for the info. i am so happy to be doing that. also, i'll be playing a short set around 10. earlier in the evening i'll be at the echo. an event centered around the theme "anarchy". that starts in the day, i go on around 5.

there are songs that i could sing that would illustrate the anarchy concept. or i could talk, or cite facts and statistics. but how smart right now to have a forum to talk about anarchy.

in the early punk days, nihilism and anarchy co-existed with joy and community. we wanted to tear it down in order to save it, whatever form "it" took. old hollywood was being systematically destroyed, especially in the early reagan era. we had explored it all, hollywood blvd. was our beloved galaxy. besides the masque, i can't even remember all the names of the coolest themed old bars that were torn down. landmarks, houses, etc, something horrible was coming and we were being forced to make room for it.

as i toured around the country, i saw it happening everywhere, slower of course than in california.

once in the midwest, early 81 maybe, we (X) were driving through a little town. that was before the highway system bypassed all those towns. so you'd be on some little hwy, and it was late. but down the main street, all the businesses had neon signs, and they were all lit up. and each was beautiful, a moment in time. some were animated, and there were all different colors, and the town was untouched. we drove through slowly, it was like going through an old time christmas scene.

to me, anarchy is the destruction of that town.

anarchy is the break-down of society, and eventually, civilization.

i didn't want punk to be that. i wanted punk to be enlightenment and resurrection. it was so strong, it was an energy that we all wondered at. how did we, born at just the right time, become the recipients of this youthful (no matter what our ages) energy?
and what was our responsibility regarding that?
did we do what we set out to do?
our egos played a role, no matter how much we hated the corporations, they were impossible to completely escape.
and no matter how much we fought against manufactured culture, we couldn't replace it.
we couldn't even get a small corner of the cultural world, punk just got pushed away.
there's a reason why punk was ridiculed.
there's a reason why we were scary.
there's a reason why punk, in it's most fundamental form, is now becoming understood.

those are the stages of truth.
truth being, evidence.
reality, being subjective, and
me being somewhat general,
i'm saying,
we were trying to wake people up.
and they were afraid to.

and we did wake them up. we shocked people.we horrified people. we were a threat to order.

now the punk fashions are so accepted, they have never gone out of style.
and the music because of tech etc is everywhere.
and the message, finally, is now.

punk is surviving with music and joy and art and friends in a hostile world.

and i want you to know this is my subjective idea of punk, what i felt at the time, and that feeling has always stayed inside me.
and we talked about that feeling back then, it wasn't only me. it felt a lot like magic, that's all i can compare it to!

the corporate structure is failing. it seems to be just gobbling more and more and becoming the real honest to goodness, one world govt. and almost perfected, almost. but not quite. it seems to be falling apart. who knows what's next? big changes in the erath, big changes in the stability of geo-finance, etc. it's wobbling and all that stuff about the magnetic field, and polar shift and photon belts and planet x... you could go crazy and we are, trying to figure out how we got here and what to do about it.

most people still ridicule and direct anger at the messenger.
a lot of people waking up.
which is great and terrible.
great because otherwise we are doomed.
terrible because too many awake people is the biggest threat to the geo-egos.

people wait for inspiration and answers to just come out of nowhere.
those are the results of hard work, desperate work, tortuous searching, endless asking, conversations and critical thinking.

young people have been imprisoned in a virtual world. they don't understand what's happening and they don't know what's real.
and we have to teach them not what to think, but how to think, they have access to the info, they can put it together.

so young people, find someone older, start asking them questions, people have amazing stories.

farenheight 451....


Latest From Exene (7/3/11)

hello, it took me so long to get here. tomorrow, independence day! last year mark dice posted a video about that and it says alot. it's on youtube...

we are free from english kings! (except king james I!) the 1611 bible author. free from unreasonable search and seizure and invasion of privacy and we have rights!! that gps on the car guy that the fbi tracked without a warrant, the supreme court is going to decide if that's legal. the argument is, no citizen has a reasonable expectation of privacy while in public.
goes on and on.

oh, and the 12 year old girl who traced the u.s. president's geneology? she discovered all presidents but one, martin van buren, are related to the same english king. king john, he of the magna carta and also robin hood's enemy.
those bloodlines sure go back a long long way.
why didn't all those geneologists figure that out? they were tracing only male side, not matrilineal!
if any of that is to be believed!!

well sure is strange around here lately...
what with all the nuclear problems and weather and financials and politics and earth changes...
can hardly keep up.

1956, the year i was born in chicago! moved to rural illinois when i was 6 weeks old. i lived there for 13 years. saw a funnel cloud form in the second grade. i was walking home from st. mary's school and i noticed that no other kids were around. i looked back at the school, and all around, i was the only kid outside!!! there had been an announcement that a tornado cloud had been sighted, and all the nuns and kids were in sitting in the halls! somehow, i just waltzed out, my sister told me later.
anyway, then i looked up and saw a black funnel cloud forming above the house i was standing in front of! i ran and lay down in a ditch, plaid book bag over my head. a nieghbor saw me and brought me inside her house. we called my dad and he came and got me, it wasn't far. then my mom and dad and i watched through the basement windows as that funnel cloud touched down and tore up all the corn on the far, flat, horizon.

my dad built our house on land that had recently been farmed, and you could still see the farm, way off in the distance. it was the beginning of sprawl. a house here and there, lots of empty field with wild grass and old fence posts strung with barbed wire, broken and rusty. every summer, my sister mary and mom and dad would have to go down to the basement when there was a tornado warning. it was always evenly scary and exciting. that happened three or four times, maybe every summer. some years twice. our area got hit with tornadoes, the land was flat in every direction. just never hit us.

that one tornado was the only one i ever got a good look at.

imagine then, joplin, mo! imagine a tornado, a mile wide!!! multiple tornadoes!!! or any of the recent tornado waves across the u.s. yes there were disasters in the 50s and 60s!! but they were rare, once in a life time, hundred year events!!!!! hurricanes and tornadoes and blizzards, rain and floods, we can predict that a lot better now. past weather events sometimes caught people by surprise, yet we coped cause it wasn't catastrophic like now. my dad was a carpenter so when a tornado hit sometimes we would go to see the town, my dad would show the cop his union card, and he'd let us drive into the area. we were poor, what can i say, it was something interesting.

anyway, damage yes, devastation no. never saw that.
just my experience.

when i talk to young people about these extreme weather events, they kinda don't believe me. because it's all they've known. the same with the erosion (or might as well say it), pending loss of our rights. 9/11 was ten years ago. they were 15, 10, 12! dept of homeland security didn't probably interest them.

there's something wrong with the weather
there's something wrong with forever


it's all they've known.
how can they fight for the loss of something they don't believe existed?

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